Mauro Polito is a sound designer, producer and composer, based in London.

In 2007 while living in Rome he founded the experimental band In a Sleeping Mood together with a fellow musician and under this pseudonym they made 3 studio albums (“Nebula” 2010, “Draft” 2012, “Never Finished, Only Abandoned” 2020), 2 art installations (“Resonant Cityscapes”, “Vitruvian Intonation”), 2 live audio/video performances (“Sounds of Failure”, “Foetus”).

Between 2013 and 2014 they embarked on the first online audio/video installation called “Diluted Sounds” consisting of 365 tracks (one per day) that included a Visual counterpart often designed in collaboration with external artists.

Thanks to his previous experience as mixing engineer he also had the chance to dive deeper in the production aspect of musical composition and this led him to collaborate as producer and programmer for the up and coming artists, jazz pianist and electronic infused composer Maria Chiara Argiró, the alternative jazz/electronica duo Moonfish, the post-punk/industrial band Hate Moss, and the post-rock/electronica duo AS!YAB to mention just a few.

In 2012 he started his solo career under the pseudonym of Pour Atom Oil, a combination of IDM, Garage Music/2-step with a pinch of Experimental glitch music. He’s currently working on the release of his first studio album.

He worked on short and feature films as well as on commercial ads, independent video games and fashion movies. Just lately he started to collaborate as Affiliate freelance Composer for Thermal music and Sound Designer for the Futz Butler in London.

In 2021 together with his partner Donato Panaccio he was awarded Best Sound Design at the 8th edition of the Torino Underground Cinefest with the feature film “White Angel” directed by Vincenzo Basso. 


2010 – ‘Nebula (Anomolo records);

2011 – ‘Draft’ (Yonet Label);

2012 – ‘Vacancy – In a Sleeping Mood rework’ (White Birch Records);

2012 – OST ‘The Biggest Fear’ a film by Nicola Di Vico;

2013 – ‘We’re All Dying, Says Sylvia – In a Sleeping Mood remix’ – (Cognitive Dissonance);

2013 – ‘Sounds of Failure’ – AV Performance;

2014 – ‘Resonant Cityscape’ – AV Performance; 

2014 – ‘Live Mixtape’ – In a Sleeping Mood;

2014 – OST ‘An Honest Night’  a film by Karin Capuano;

2015 – ‘Off the Olympus’ – Pour Atom Oil ;

2014 – ‘Vitruvian Intonation’ – The Post Human Condition ;

2017 – ‘The Fall Dance’ – In a Sleeping Mood remix (Odradek Records);

2018 – ‘Honey’ – Hate Moss (Stock-a Records);

2019 – ‘Never Finished, Only Abandoned’ – In a Sleeping Mood (Stock-a Records);

2019 – ‘Supernova – Pout Atom Oil remix’ (Kettle of Kites);

2020 – ‘Drop of Water’ – Moonfish (Cavalo Records); 

2020 – ‘Hidden Seas’ Remixed –  Maria Chiara Argiro/Pour Atom Oil/In a Sleeping mood (Cavalo Records); 

2020 – In A Sleeping Mood – Murmuration (S m o d ~ Remix);

2020 – ‘Fog’ – Hate Moss (Stock-a Records);

2021 – ‘Insomnia’ – Moonfish (Cavalo Records); 

2021 – ‘Mahi Mahi’ – Moonfish (Cavalo Records); 

2022 – nd- Hate Moss (Stock-a Records);

2022 – nd – Maria Chiara Argiro (Innovative Leisure);

2022 – nd- AS!YAB – (Stock-a Records);